The Wineauxs was established in 2006 by Gaye and Steve Watkins because they missed going wine tasting in ca.  It started out with 11 groups of 8 people and is now at 27 groups and almost 500.   Groups meet every other month.  Each person or couple brings 2 bottles of the designated wine (one for tasting and one for drinking) and an appetizer.  It's a blind tasting and the wines are scored.  The winning wine is then turned in to The Watkins so they can try to get them for the year end Wineaux Extravaganza held in October or November.  For more information contact Gaye Watkins at 936-718-7997. Most groups are full after the beginning of March however if you want to join give her a call and she'll put you on the list and when there's enough a new group will be formed 







     Ladies Game Day Canasta


Ladies Game Day Canasta is held on the second Wednesday of the month at the Country Club. The Club provides lunch and canasta is played after lunch until 3:00 pm or so.  Ladies can sign up by calling the Club (936-597-6219) or sign up on line on the Club website.  Players can request lessons (when they make their reservations) at 10:00 am on the play day. Arrival begins at 11:00 and lunch is served at 11:30 followed by canasta.  Players are to bring $2.00 – one for the high score pot and one for the most wild-card canastas. 


For information call – Carolyn Jones at 936-582-2242.



Joining a Club at Bentwater or participating in an organized Bentwater event provides a great way to meet new people!

A community of beautiful homes in beautiful settings is the physical side of Bentwater on the North Shore. But what makes our community a very special place to live is the variety of clubs, events and activities available. More than forty! These are not simply amenities provided by the developer or management. They are the heart and soul of Bentwater. Our residents and member organizations founded them, for the most part manage them, and fill the membership rosters.  These are our clubs and activities, in every sense of the word.  So if you don’t see one that embraces your hobby, your avocation, your interest or area of volunteerism, you can easily fix that: just put together your own group of like-minded residents.




Amen Chorus 







Trash and Treasure

 Fall Fun Fest


Bentwater Fourth of July


Auto Waste and Electronic Recycle Event


Community Paper Shredding Event


Bentwater Household Chemical and Paint Disposal Event


Barracudas Swim Team

Bentwater Volunteer Families


Kamp Bentwater


Marina's Fishing Camp




Bridge and Canasta

BLO Ladies Bridge

Ladies Game Day

Ladies Marthon Bridge







Bentwater Fitness Center

Water Aerobics

Day Spa