Overview of My Bentwater Community Portal


Overview of the MyBentwater Community Portal Content


The navigation panel located at the top of the MyBentwater Community Portal Home Page is divided into five sections, “Home”, “About Us”, "Residents", “Contact Us”, and “Site Search” sections, are open to the public.

The following is a brief look at each section found on the website.

  1. Home Page

    1. Header contains rotating pictures of our community.

    2. The main section of the page contains the following information:

      1. About Us (a brief introduction to Bentwater with a link to the 'Overview of the MyBentwater Community Portal Content),

      2. A local Bentwater weather icon.

      3. Calendar (Community wide calendar including organization Board and Committee meetings, activity and locations), and

      4. Upcoming Events (for clubs and Activities with a link to additional information on all pending events).

  2. About Bentwater

    1. An overview of the Bentwater community and its environs.

    2. Area Guide – links to information on over80 local organizations, services and resources: (including but not limited to)

      1. A map of Bentwater (Google map),

      2. Community Resources,

      3. Local Entertainment,

      4. Local, State and U.S. Government,

      5. News Sources,

      6. Hospitals and Health Resources
      7. Safety/Security,

      8. Schools,

      9. Travel and Leisure
      10. Utilities.

    3. Calendar – scheduled times and meeting places for a number of clubs and activities with ability to register for events.

    4. Bentwater Clubs, Activities and Organizations – list of approved clubs and activities with a brief description of purpose and meeting times, with links to some individual websites and information pages (such as POA, BCA, BLO, MOB, BVF, Bentwater Cares and others).

    5. Entergy and Water Conservation – links to websites with information on energy and water conservation (such as MUD#18, SJRA, MCGWCD, Entergy and others).

    6. Bentwater Property Owners Association = link to general information on the POA website.

    7. Bentwater Yacht and Country Club – link to general information on the BYCC website.

    8. Information on Aging Services – a wide range of information about available services for senior members of the community.

    9. Moving Here – a summary of information useful to prospective buyers and realtors about Bentwater and the community at large, including a number of Bentwater POA’s documents relating to governance, policies and guidelines.

    10. Terms and Conditions of Website use – to include protection of user information, site disclaimers, prohibited uses, and user submission requirements.

  3. Residents

    1. Directories member directories, pet directory, street directory and Bentwater map.

    2. FAQ’s – questions and answers on a variety of germane topics: Community Information Portal Website; Bentwater Life; Community Services; Living in Bentwater; and Security.

    3. Forms – Gate Access registration, mailbox request, resident update, volunteer registration, and POA forms as appropriate.

    4. Photo Albums – photos on a variety of Bentwater themes.

    5. Useful Information – other information of general interest for property owners.

  4. Contact Us –Provides a form to submit thoughts, questions and suggestions to various Bentwater contacts on a drop down menu.

  5. Site Search – provides a word search capability to find specific word(s) within sections/documents on the website.