Message from your GM - John Stebbins, Monday June 20th



A Message From Your General Manager...

Lauren Tenney was a much beloved Bentwater employee and daughter of Members Steve and Carol Ovelgonne. She was also a scholar athlete at Montgomery High School. Every year Mr. and Ms. Ovelgonne celebrates her life through hosting a golf tournament and a dinner party with the proceeds going to a scholarship fund for student athletes at Montgomery High School. Almost all of the participants are Members of Bentwater which demonstrates how Lauren and Mr. and Ms. Ovelgonne have touched so many lives.

The dinner has grown in such popularity that the Crescent Grill and the Magnolia Room need to be used. Therefore,Grill Room food and beverage service will be only in the Men's and Women's locker room on Saturday, June 25th.

Chef Dan arrived last Wednesday and everyone is very excited. Some Members even had the expectation that a new menu was going to start on his first day. It is going to take time for him to get acclimated and to find out what has been popular and what the Members may want. It will take him a couple of weeks or more before the Membership begins to see his impact. Please have patience.

We are going to celebrate his arrival at Bentwater during a brief reception this Thursday evening from 5:30pm until 7:00pm. Come meet Chef Dan and enjoy some complimentary appetizers that he has prepared for the Membership. The Crescent Grill bar will be available as well.

There is work that needs to be done on the bottom of the Yacht Club pool. During the winter, we did research on whether it is best to patch the bottom surface or resurface the entire bottom of the pool. The patch work would be the fastest and most economical. The complete resurfacing would take longer, but based on our research would most likely be the best long term fix. We spent the Spring researching and negotiating with various pool construction companies. We are close to signing a contract, but this process lead us into the Summer.

Unless the pool bottom gets worse we plan on doing the resurfacing after Labor Day. They say it could take 3 -4 weeks for the whole process. Either before or after the resurfacing of that pool, they are also going to resurface the baby pool at the Country Club.

John R Stebbins
General Manager

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