Message from your GM - John Stebbins, Tuesday June 28th


A Message From Your General Manager...

The Bentwater owners continue to reinvest back into your Club through major and minor capital improvement projects. You will see construction start in the next few weeks that will include an office expansion, upgrading the main entrance inside the Clubhouse including the Men's and Women's restrooms, and enhancing the Clubhouse patio area.

The office expansion will serve the purpose of combining the Club operations offices with the accounting offices. So you will have one place to go to get all of your questions answered. We don't have a finalized timeline for the entrance improvements, but we believe it will be at least 4 weeks after the starting time. During that construction, the entrance may be blocked off for safety reasons. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience, but the end result will be well worth it.

The patio will become a "place of preference" at the Clubhouse. Not only because of the view, but the existing area will be covered and have ceiling fans to circulate the air. We are going to add additional uncovered patio space which will include a fire pit.

Many golfers have noticed the result of the Pythium impact during the timing of transition of the Rye to Bermuda grass on the driving range. Pythium insidiosum is an important pathogen of animals. They were formerly classified as fungi; the feet of the fungus gnat are frequently a vector for their transmission. The pythium disease complex usually involves other pathogens such as Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia. Pythium wilt is caused by zoospore infection of older plants leading to biotrophic infections that become necrotrophic in response to colonization/reinfection pressures or environmental stress (as in during transition), leading to minor or severe wilting caused by impeded root functioning.

We have treated for all of the pathogens and for weed control. We have two different approaches to the solution. One is to re-sod the area. The other is to grow back the remaining viable Bermuda and "sprig" (like we did with the Weiskopf greens). Although sodding is a faster process to get back to hitting off of turf, getting a contractor to mobilize quickly is a challenge at this time of year. I will update the Membership as decisions are made.

I hope to see you at the parade and pool party on Saturday. Sunday evening will be the 4th of July weekend celebration starting with the snow slide at 5:30 pm. There will be plenty of activities and fun for the kids with a few enhancements from last year. The fireworks show should be the best you have ever seen. If we time it right we will get a glimpse of Walden's fireworks then we will show everyone the best show on the lake!

John R Stebbins
General Manager

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