Message from your GM - John Stebbins Tuesday Sept. 20th

A Message From Your General Manager...

The wind storm a few months ago uprooted numerous trees on the Miller Course causing damage to areas of the cart path. Repairing those areas is such a small project for a contractor it was difficult to find someone who would do the work. The company that completed the cart paths on the Weiskopf course is finishing a project soon and should begin the work in October. MUD #18 has contracted with a company to rebuild that damaged bulkhead on hole #10 of the Miller Course. We are trying to schedule that work during that same time period as the cart path repairs.

I want to remind everyone of the tax increase we will all be feeling. This increase was approved by citizens in a current election and goes into effect on October 1, 2016. This tax impacts businesses and individuals inside and outside of Bentwater. You will most likely notice it when you receive
your Bentwater statement with the new 8.25% tax. Although it may appear your dues increased, it did not. The dues are the same as your previous recent months, but the tax on your dues have increased.

Now that we are back to dinner service in the Magnolia Room (the main dining room of the Clubhouse), I wanted to remind everyone that we do have a dress code during those evenings as well as during Birthday night. The dress code is listed on the website. The dress code was created with the help of a group of Members. They wanted it to address the more current lifestyle while maintaining a dignity for a more formal dining time. Should a Member and/or guest prefer to dine with informal attire such as shorts, we are not restricting one from using your Club, but your dining location would be in the Crescent Grill with the same dinner menu.

We are trying something different this year for Trunk or Treat. Because Halloween is on a Monday, we have had several requests for the event to be on Saturday so the participants will have plenty of time to decorate and enjoy the evening without going to work the next morning. So we are going to have Trunk or Treat on Saturday, October 29th. It is one of our biggest events of the year, so if you are new to Bentwater please come enjoy it. It is an event for children and adults. 

John R Stebbins
General Manager