Bentwater Deed Restrictions



If you are interested in finding the “Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions” (deed restrictions) pertaining to your Bentwater property, you must first know which of the 94 Bentwater Sections your property is located in.  You can find that and much more by accessing the “Montgomery Central Appraisal District” website records section and typing in your name or street address in their search function.  This will show you the legal description of your property as Bentwater section, Block number and lot number.  The “section number is what you need to access the deed restrictions you are looking for.


For additional MCAD data on your property you click on the “Property ID number while on the page, you will pull up summary data on your property; detailed past and present property data can be found and printed by clicking on the PDF Datasheet.


Now that you know your property section, just click on the following link and then on the appropriate section CCR - Bentwater CCRs.