How do I get a gate sticker for my new car?

Bring your car and insurance card, registration, or proof of purchase reflecting your Bentwater address and the car needing a decal.

Where do I register my vehicle?

Montgomery County Tax Assessor/Collector’s Office – 936-539-7896

Where do I get my driver’s license changed?

At the Texas Department of Public Safety Office located at First Street and Hilbig in Conroe. 936-539-3754.

Can I register to vote near here?

Contact the Montgomery County Elections Central Office at 936-539-7843

How do I get permission for family and guest to enter Bentwater?

Bentwater has an on-line guest pass system to allow quick and easy registration of family, guest and service companies to enter Bentwater.  To use the system simply go to and register your name.  Once you are registered you can schedule guest entry 24/7 and as far in advance as you like using your computer, tablet or smart phone. You may also get a permanent guest pass for frequent visiting guest.  You may also call the Enterance Department at 936-597-4190 to register a guest.

What are the penalties for speeding in Bentwater?

As Bentwater is a 'private gated community' the streets are private roads and NOT patrolled by local authorities.  While the Property Owners Association has the authority to fine traffic law violators, the POA does not currently have the means to do so.  All streets in Bentwater have a 25 miles per hour speed limit except Bentwater Drive which has a 35 miles per hour limit.  Please be courteous and safe by obeying the speed limits and stopping at stop signs

Why are the speed limits in Bentwater so low?

Bentwater is a gated single-family-residence community with no public through-fares. Bentwater has no sidewalks and thus in addition to vehicle travel, residents use our streets for walking,golfcarts and bicycles.

Who has the authority regarding traffic regulation enforcement?

The Bentwater Property Owners Association has the authority regarding traffic regulation enforcement. Local Sherriff or Constable Officers may ticket for reckless driving offenses.

What if my power, cable or phones go out?

Call your local utility provider:
  • Electricity Supplier – Entergy – 800-368-3749
  • Water District – MUD 18 –
  • Water and Sanitary Sewer – Hays Utility Service – 936-588-1166
  • Natural Gas Supplier – Centerpoint Energy– 800-752-8036
  • Trash and Garbage – Waste Management – 281-627-4671
  • Telephone and Internet Service – Consolidated Communications – 936-441-0611
  • TV and Internet Cable Supplier – Suddenlink – 877-423-2743

How do I get a key to my mailbox?

Call the Montgomery Post Office, 936-597-8099.

What is the Montgomery County non-emergency number?


What time are contractors allowed to start work and what time are they to stop?

Building contractors and subs are allowed to start working at the job site by 7:00 am and must stop working by 7:00 pm each day.

Which gate should my moving truck come in"

To reduce traffic at the 'Front Gate', it is requested that all deliveries come through the 'West Gate".

Can the Gate Greeters do anything except check stickers and entry passes? 

The 'Gate Greeters' are just that, they are there to welcome you back and to control non-resident traffic and provide directions if necessary

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